butter scotch ice cream

Butter Scotch Ice Cream

Butter Scotch Ice Cream Recipe

Ice cream, a dessert loved by all ages all around the world. If you really love butter scotch then you must try this recipe of butter scotch ice cream to satisfy your taste buds. Good news is, a few ingredients are all you need. So go for it and let us know by commenting on our website or Facebook page.

Cuisine: English   

Type: Dessert   

Ingredients for Butter scotch ice cream:

s. no Ingredients Quantity
1 Vanilla essence 1 teaspoon
2 Egg yolk 4 pieces
3 Sugar 1/2 cup
4 Golden syrup 1/3 cup
5 Cream 2 cup
6 Water 1 tablespoon


Procedure for preparing Butter scotch ice cream:

  1. In a pan, cook sugar and water on low heat. As the sugar dissolve and turn into brown colour, remove it from the heat.
  2. Now add golden syrup and 1/3 cup cream into it and whisk well using hand whisker.
  3. Beat egg yolks in a bowl and add them into the sugar sauce.
  4. Beat remaining cream and 1 teaspoon vanilla essence in separate bowl then fold it into butter scotch mixture.
  5. Pour the butter scotch mixture into air tight bowl and put in freezer. Keep beating it after every 3-4 hours then put it in freezer overnight.
  6. Serve them in glass with whipped cream and crushed almonds on top.



  • Avoid over cooking the sugar to retain its sweet taste.


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