cappuccino pudding

Cappuccino Pudding

Let’s explore some other uses of coffee by turning it from a beverage to desert. Bhabi’s Kitchen is sharing the recipe of Cappuccino Pudding that will play as a distinctive item on your dinner table. Sprinkled with cocoa and cinnamon gives mouth-watering fragrance and taste to this pudding. Definitely a must try in any season!

Cuisine: Italian 

Type: Desert   

Ingredients for Cappuccino Pudding:

s. no Ingredients Quantity
1 Light Brown Sugar 1/2  cup
2 Unsweetened Baking cocoa 1 tablespoon
3 Powdered Sugar 2 tablespoon
4 Egg Yolks 3
5 Milk 1 cup
6 Whipping Cream 2 1/2 cups
7 Salt 1/4 teaspoon
8 Instant Espresso Coffee Powder 2 tablespoon
9 Cornstarch 1/4 cup




Procedure for preparing Cappuccino Pudding:

  1. In a saucepan, mix brown sugar, cornstarch, coffee powder and salt. Add milk, egg yolks and 2 cups of whipping cream and whisk using hand whisker. Make sure to whisk well and there aren’t any lumps. Don’t leave the saucepan unattended.
  2. Boil the pudding for one minute or until it thickens. If the back of the spoon is coated with pudding and doesn’t drip it means pudding is think enough. Remove from the stove.
  3. Pour the pudding in small individual serving bowls or one large bowl and refrigerate for atleast 2 hours.
  4. Beat the remaining half cup whipping cream and powdered sugar with electric beater until stiff peak forms.
  5. Sprinkle cocoa or cinnamon and add whipping cream using spoon or piping bag on the top of the pudding. Serve chilled with plain coffee cake.



  • Put whiskers of electric beater and bowl in freezer 15-20 minutes before whipping the cream.
  • While refrigerating the pudding, cover the top with cling film to avoid forming of skin on the surface.


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