Chat Patti Aloo Tahari

Chat Patti Aloo Tahari

Chat Patti Aloo Tahari

This simple and easy recipe of Aloo Tahari is cooked in almost every home of Pakistan. Bhabi’s Kitchen is also cooking Chat Patti Aloo Tahari for lunch. It is best enjoyed with green salad, chutney and achaar. Try it out if not done yet and we are sure you will love the spicy taste of these rice.

Cuisine: Asian

Type: Rice


s. no Ingredient Quantity
1 Rice 2 cups
2 Onion 2 medium
3 Oil ½ cup
4 Potatoes (cut in cubes) 4 medium
5 Tomato 2 medium
6 Salt To taste
7 Red chili powder 2 teaspoons
8 Turmeric powder (haldi) 2 teaspoon
10 Green chilies 3 to 4
11 Coriander leaves 2 tablespoons
12 Ginger garlic paste 1 tablespoon
13 Cumin seeds (zeera) 1 teaspoon
14 Cinnamon stick 1 small piece (1 inch)
15 Bay leaf (tez paat) 1
16 Cloves / Laung 6 piece
17 Black Peppercorn / Kaali Mirch 6 piece
18 Black Cardamom / Bari ilaichi 2 pieces


Procedure for preparing Chat Patti Aloo Tahari:

  1. Soak rice in water for 30 minutes.
  2. Heat oil and fry finely sliced onion till golden brown. Now add ginger garlic paste and all sabit garam masala (ingredient number 13 to 18).
  3. Fry for 2 minutes or until fragrant then add chopped tomatoes.
  4. Keep frying while adding red chili powder, salt and turmeric powder.
  5. Add small amount of water to avoid burning of masala.
  6. After tomatoes seem cooked and oil appears on top, add cubed potatoes.
  7. Now add one cup of water enough to cook potatoes.
  8. When potatoes become soft (insert toothpick to check), add soaked rice along with green chilies (whole/saabit) and coriander leaves (chopped). Add more water necessary for rice to get cooked.
  9. When water dries out, let it simmer for ten to fifteen minutes.


Tip: Serve with raita, green chutney, salad and hari mirch achaar.

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