CLUB SANDWICH a very popular snack prepared and served in bhabiskitchen special way, will be a pleasure for your honored guests and family members.

Cuisine: Global
Type: Sandwich/Snack


s. no Ingredient Quantity
1 Bread Slices As needed
2 Chicken Boneless cut in small cubes 250 gram
3 Salt & Pepper ½ teaspoon
4 Soy Sauce 1 tablespoon
5 Red chili powder ½ teaspoon
6 Mayonnaise ½ cup
7 Butter/margarine For coating on bread slices
8 Fresh Salad leaves Small bunch
9 Cucumber (peeled and sliced) 1
10 Tomato (cut in slice) 1
12 Egg Omelet 2

How to Prepare Club Sandwich:

  1. Cook chicken with salt, pepper, red chili powder and soya sauce till cooked-through. Finely shred the cooked chicken cubes.
  2. Mix mayonnaise in shredded chicken.
  3. Toast or grill bread slices from both sides. Apply butter on a slice and spread chicken batter. Put another buttered bread slice over it and apply some mayonnaise.
  4. Spread the omelet evenly and put sliced tomato, cucumber and salad leave. Put third (and last) bread slice on top.
  5. Cut the sandwich diagonally with a sharp knife. Prepare more sandwiches repeating same method.
  6. Insert a sharp tooth-pick vertically in the middle of each triangle from top slice to bottom to hold the sandwitch firmly.

Tip: enjoy with ketchup and French fries. Ideal and healthy lunchbox menu for school-going kids.

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