doodh dulari dessert recipe


Doodh Dulari presented in bhabi’s kitchen style, a sweet dish, full of richness of Rabri  and freshness of fruits . A Heart Winning recipe for Winners for sure!

Cuisine: Asian

Type: Sweet dish 


1 Milk 2 kg
2 Noodles 125 gm.
3 Sugar/Brown Sugar 100 gm.
4 Rabri 100 gm.
5 Condensed milk 125 gm.
6 Mix fruit cut small size/ Grapes, Apples 100 gm.
7 Ashrafiyan 100 gm.
8 Gulab jaman & Cham cham (small sizes) 125 gm.
9 Pistachio & Almond cut into pieces 100 gm.

  How to make Doodh Dulari : 

  1. Boil the milk and add noodles. Boil till the milk gets thick.
  2. Mix sugar/Brown Sugar in milk and keep it in the normal temperature.
  3. Then add rabri, condensed milk, mix fruit, gulab jaman & cham cham, ashrafiyan, pistachio and almonds.
  4. Put it in refrigerator.
  5. Your Doodh Dulari is ready.

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