Khajoor Ka Halwa

Khajoor Ka Halwa

Would you like to prepare a traditional styled halwa but don’t know how? Bhabi’s Kitchen is giving a very easy to follow recipe with clear instructions to prepare Khajoor ka Halwa. Khajoor/dates are rich with nutrients and it’s halwa is not only satisfying for taste-buds but also good for health. Try it out and share with family & friends.

Cuisine: Asian   

Type: Dessert



s. no Ingredient Quantity
1 Fresh Dates (khajoor) ½ kg
2 Milk 1.5 liters
3 Sugar 1 cup
4 Chana Daal 250 grams
5 Clarified Butter /Ghee 250 grams
6 Cardamom Powder (ilaichi) 2 teaspoon
7 Almonds & Pistachious For garnish


Procedure for preparing Khajoor Ka Halwa:

  1. Wash the dates and let them soak in water for 30 minutes. After soaking, remove the seeds and keep them aside.
  2. Take a pot and put milk with chana daal. Let it bring to boil till chana daal is cooked and milk is dried out.
  3. In a food processor, blend cooked daal with soaked dates till they become of one form (yakjaan hojayein).
  4. Take a wok (karahi) and add ghee.
  5. Fry dates and daal mixture into hot ghee (bhoon lein).
  6. Add sugar while stirring continuously on a medium flame. Keep stirring without a break or dates will start to get burnt at the bottom of wok.
  7. When sugar water dries out, add cardamom powder along with dry fruits of your choice (almonds & pistachious as mentioned in ingredients).
  8. Take out prepared halwa on a greased plate evenly with greased spoon (so that halwa mixture doesn’t stick to the spoon).
  9. Leave the mixture for at least 20-30 minutes so that it’s cooled and ready for shapes.
  10. Now you can make a shape & size of your choice and serve to your family.


Tip: Take fresh and soft dates. Do not use non-stick wok; otherwise halwa mixture will not be mixed properly.

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