Matka Kulfi

Matka Kulfi

It’s a dessert your hubby would love to eat, your kids will jump around you to eat, ( or may be vice versa 🙂 ) prepare hygienic homemade Makta Kulfi by bhabiskitchen recipe and enrich your care for them!

Cuisine: Asian
Type: Dessert


s. no Ingredients Quantity
1 Milk 1 ½ liter
2 Sugar ¾ cup (aadjust to sweet level)
3 Almond 10-15, soaked & peeled
4 Pistachios 10-15, soaked & peeled
5 Cashew Nuts (kajoo) 8-10
6 Pumpkin Seeds 2 teaspoon
7 Black Pepper Powder A tiny pinch (zara si chukti)
8 Cardamom Powder (ilaichi) ½ teaspoon
9 Saffron (zaafran) A pinch, soaked in milk,
10 Condensed Milk ½ cup

Procedure for preparing Matka Kulfi:

  1. In a heavy bottom pan (deghchi) take milk and give it a boil.
  2. Now low down the gas and let the milk boil till it reduces to half the quantity.
  3. Stir it regularly to avoid the milk from burning.
  4. Grind all the dry fruits (ingredient # 3-6) and make a paste.
  5. When the milk is reduced add saffron milk, black pepper, condensed milk and sugar in it.
  6. Add cardamom powder and dryfruits paste.
  7. Further reduce the milk by cooking.
  8. Once it gets thickened (gaarha hojaye) turn off the gas and allow it to cool.
  9. Once cooled down pour it in kulfi moulds (sanchay) or earthen pots (mitti k bartan) and keep it in freezer to set.

Tip: Garnish with dry fruits and enjoy chilled kulfi at home with your loved ones.

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