Nargisi Koftay

Nargisi Koftay

Nargisi Koftay an exclusive dish, mode more exclusive and special by bhabiskitchen, make nargisi Koftay by bhabiskitchen and please your family and friends with an unforgettable taste.

Cuisine: Asian
Type: Fried 


s. no Ingredient Quantity
1 Beef Mince (keema) ½ kg
2 Salt To taste
3 Red Chili Powder ½ teaspoon
4 Garam Masala Powder 1 ½ teaspoon
5 Onion 1 medium, chopped
6 Ginger 2 tablespoon, chopped
7 Fresh Coriander Leaves 4 tablespoon, chopped
8 Green Chilies 3-4, chopped
9 Egg 6 or 8
10 Coriander Seeds (sabit dhaniya) 1 teaspoon
11 Cumin Seeds (zeera) 1 teaspoon
12 Oil For frying
13 Poppy Seeds (Khashkhash) 1 teaspoon
14 Gram Flour (Besan) 1 tablespoon


Procedure for preparing Nargisi Koftay:

  1. Take a pot (deghchi) and put mince/keema with salt & ½ cup water to boil. Once mince is half-cooked and water is completely dried, turn off the flame. Keep it aside.
  2. Boil eggs in a separate pot till they are firm (sakht hojayein). Peel the cover (chilka utaar lein) and keep them aside.
  3. Take a food processor/chopper and add half-boiled mince. Now add chopped onion, coriander leaves, green chilies & ginger.
  4. Also add all seasoning i.e. salt, red chili powder, garam masala powder, cumin, coriander seeds, gram flour and poppy seeds.
  5. Process the mince till its finely grounded (bareek pees lein).
  6. Prepare koftay by taking one boiled egg and wrapping mince all over it (keema anday pay charhalein) to cover the egg completely. Use oil or water on your hands to put mince evenly. Repeat this step for all eggs.
  7. Heat oil in a frying pan and shallow-fry koftay till all sides turn reddish-brown (surkh hojaye).
  8. Cut koftay in half and serve with ketchup or chutney.


Tip: You can also prepare saalan (curry) and put these delicious Nargisi Koftay. Refer to our Koftay Salan recipe here.

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