Oreo Creamy Custard

Oreo Creamy Custard

Oreo Creamy Custard

Oreo Creamy Custard, a tasty treat by bhabikitchen, for both adults and kids, devise by experts to be leveled at optimum taste.

Cuisine: European/All
Type: Dessert


s. no Ingredient Quantity
1 Oreo Cookies (or any other chocolate cookies/biscuits) 1 pack (containing 6-8 cookies)
2 Melted Butter 3 tablespoons
3 Coffee ½ teaspoon,
4 Milk 750 liters
5 Sugar ½ cup
6 Custard Powder (vanilla flavor) 2 tablespoons
7 Dairy Cream 1 pack (tetra pack available at market)
8 Condensed Milk ½ tin
9 Serving Glasses As needed

How to Prepare Oreo Creamy Custard:

  1. Crush/crumble (choora kerlein) Oreo cookies in a food processor or by putting cookies in a plastic bag then hammering it with rolling pin (koot lein).
  2. Take a bowl and mix together cookies crumble with melted butter (spare 1-2 tablespoons of dry cookies powder for garnishing).
  3. Dissolve coffee in half cup of water and pour in cookies mixture. Mix well.
  4. Now take this mixture and put little amount in serving glasses spreading it just as to put a thin layer.
  5. Refrigerate the glasses for 30 minutes to let cookies mixture set in.
  6. Take a pot (pateeli) and bring milk to boil. Add ½ cup of sugar and stir.
  7. Dissolve custard powder in water (or cold milk) and gradually pour in boiling milk stirring continuously.
  8. Once custard starts to get thick, turn off the flame and let it cool at room temperature (3 to 4 hours).
  9. When custard becomes cool, pour half pack of cream and blend/beat using hand-blender. Refrigerate.
  10. Take a saucepan and cook remaining half pack of cream on low flame for only 1-2 minutes. Add condensed milk while stirring continuously. Remove it from flame immediately. Make sure “bubble” do not appear in this mixture. Keep it aside to cool.
  11. Take the serving glasses and pour prepared custard mixture as second layer.
  12. For third layer, pour cooked mixture of cream and condensed milk.
  13. Sprinkle leftover cookies powder/crumble to garnish. Serve chilled.

Tip: For garnishing, you can put jelly cubes and chocolate syrup as well.

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