Seekh_Kebab, Sikh kebab


A BBQ recipe by Bhabiskitchen you will never forget in your life time. Taking inspiration from Turkish Kebab recipes, a recipe that redefines good taste with the most mouth watering taste and fragrance.  Try it out with your family and friends and enjoy the yummiest recipe of Seekh Kebab

Cuisine: Asian
Type: BBQ


1 Minced beef 1/2 kg
2 Ghee ¼ cup
3 Onion Fried & Crushed 1 tablespoon
4 Garam masala powder 1½  tea spoon
5 Ginger paste 1½ tea spoon
6 Garlic paste 1½ tea spoon
7 Red chili powder 1 to 2 tea spoon
8 Corn flour  2 tablespoon
9 Papaya paste 1/2  teaspoon
10 Lemon Juice 1½  tablespoon
11 Tomatoes Juice (extracted by cutting the top of tomato and squeeze to juice) 2 pieces
12 Salt 1 to 2 teaspoon


How to cook Platter Sikh  Kabab:

  1. Add red chili powder, garam masala powder, garlic paste, ginger paste, corn flour, onions, lemon juice, papaya paste and salt in minced beef and marinate it, leave the marinated mixture for 1 hour.
  2. Mix tomato juice in the marinated mixture
  3. Now put the marinated mixture on to the skewers and BBQ it.
  4. When the colour of the kabab gets light brown brush the ghee/butter on the kebabs.
  5. Your dish is cooked and ready to be served.

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