Simple Hummus

Simple Hummus

Many people from all over the world cherish having Hummus as part of their meal. Traditionally an Arabic dish, Bhabi’s Kitchen is sharing a simple and delicious recipe of Hummus which can be prepared in less than 5 minutes. Serve it during lunch/dinner parties and enjoy with pita bread at home. Healthy and full of fiber dish for young kids too. Try it out and let us know your feedback.


Cuisine: Arabic

Type: Dip / Sideline / Gravy



s. no Ingredient Quantity
1 Cooked Chickpeas (safaid chanay) 2 cups
2 Olive Oil 2 tablespoon
3 Garlic 2 cloves, peeled
4 Salt ¼ teaspoon or as per taste
7 Cumin Powder (zeera) 1 teaspoon
8 Lemon Juice 1-2 tablespoon
9 Water 2 tablespoon (or more if needed)
10 Tahini (optional) 2 tablespoon


Procedure for preparing Simple Hummus:

  1. Take a food processor and add all ingredients mentioned in the list.
  2. Process until the mixture becomes smooth and creamy.
  3. If too thick, then you may add more water (be sure to add in small amount like a teaspoon).
  4. Garnish with green olives, coriander leaves or simple red chilli flakes (kutti laal mirch).

Tip: Serve delicious hummus with bread sticks, rote, salad or plain. You can also store it in your refrigerator in airtight container (ideally for 3-4 days).

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